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Kız Kardeşin Hediyesi (2000)

by Giselle Green(Favorite Author)
3.38 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: This is yet another novel that I am split between a 3 and a 4....it wasn't an easy read...the first few chapters are little tough to go by if you don't really love bridges or plantation....told from three headers, the older sister Hollie, the younger Lettie...and a balloon...this one is an interesting read...Interesting for it shows you the flaws in all of us, even the best...this isn't one book which just plays around with the fine line between right and wrong, it shows that the lines are crossed too...and its repercussions...I didn't think I will like it...but to be honest, mid way through; I let go off the plants and the bridges and got engrossed in the characters...each having their own 'human' thoughts...the mistake they kept doing one after another...and the realizat... moreions they made in between...And I would always hold it against the author for not giving this book a proper ending...read it and you would know...it was a great read...but the ending, it just irritates...we read though 400 pages, we would have read another 50 easily!But still, since its my first from the author, and I go easy on first reads...it settles for a 4...
review 2: in this book you have two completely different sisters. at least that's how it starts. They want different things from life. But as the story goes on you realise how similar they are. During the story the characters did annoy me. They were so selfish and making things harder than what they had to be. But this story is unique and I definitely got in to the story and wanted to see what they would do next. less
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Can't really put my finger on why I didn't enjoy this book. Thought it would be much better.
So so really, expected to enjoy it more than I did. Did enjoy parts if it.
really good read from an author i'd never heard of,would reccomend
2.75 stars. Interesting story line, some parts were boring though
Interesting story line with some good twists & turns.
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