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One More Bite (2009)

by Jennifer Rardin(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 3
1841497096 (ISBN13: 9781841497099)
Jaz Parks
review 1: Rardin is one of the most original authors I have read in this genre. My favorite metaphor of this book was her likening of a woman's hair bun on the top of her head to a tank turret. Hilarious! The romance between Jaz and Vayl is take it or leave it for me. I guess it is needed, plot-wise, but I could really do without it. Her physical and emotional reactions to Vayl are forced and fake; whereas her grief over her fiance's death is much more real. I just hate it when mortals and immortals fall in love - I can't help but think, how will this work exactly, in 20 years, when she is 50 and he is still, well, the same age? Drives me crazy! The other character interactions are great, and the stream-of-consciousness from Jaz's head makes for an entertaining ... moreread.
review 2: Wow....definitely the BEST Jaz Parks so far. JAZ AND VAYL HAVE COME SO FAR AND IT MAKES ME SO FREAKING HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!! While it made me sad that Bergman, Cassandra, and Dave aren't in this, Vayl and Cole are andddddd so is Jack and Alfred so I was really happy about getting to see a new side of Alfred, one that you haven't seen before and probably never will again, but it was still nice. Action-packed as usual, hilarious, just the right mix of humor, sarcasm, and serious business. I can't wait to read the next book and see what Vayl has in store for Jaz next!!! less
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Finally! The love interests begin to take shape! Still lots of action to go with it.
Scottish witches versus Jaz and Vlayn ....gotta lov em
Gotta say I love Jaz and Val, I eat the stories up.
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