Moker – Home Invader

 Exploration is a funny thing, isn’t it? Every time that I foray into the world of brutal death metal I do my best to ignore pieces of the past that I’ve found unpleasant because I want to find stuff that I genuinely enjoy from brutal death metal that I can come back to. With some success in bands like Gutslit, my journey continued tonight and it’s led me to Belgium’s Moker who brings some newer flavors to the mix to changes thing up a bit.

When I say “newer flavors” I simply mean tossing in a few elements of deathcore, and right there I can feel people tuning out already. Good, now that they’re gone we can have the deliciousness all to ourselves so warm up your hands and prepare to digest the pure chaos that Moker has created for their fourth record, “Home Invader”! The very name of the album tells you that this piece is going to be as invasive and uncomfortable as brutal death metal can get (not to the utmost extreme, but still a fair bit) while being packed with all the musical prowess that you could ask for. While nothing about “Home Invader” is anything that I could call mind-boggling or anything of the like, there’s no denying that these Belgians know their formula for brutal death inside and out to where their execution is a fantastic display. All nine tracks give a solid display of what Moker can do from weaving together melodies in a ferocious fashion, bringing out brutal death tropes to great effect, and simply making a cohesive album that even someone as vanilla as me to the style can listen to and say I truly enjoyed it. And Moker isn’t afraid to shake things up a bit by adding in several very small elements of deathcore into the mix like I previously mentioned, and it’s nothing that alters the whole course of “Home Invader” but it definitely gives the album a more defined shape compared to other acts and records.

The more that I look into brutal death metal the more I find, and that’s the whole idea! My journey is a very slow one through the style but one that Moker has played a key role in. “Home Invader” from start to finish is a very tasteful piece that fans of the style will find themselves immersed in, and newcomers can easily flock to this record to get their bearings on what the style has in store.

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