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Devil In The Dollhouse (2012)

by Richard Kadrey(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 4
0062230654 (ISBN13: 9780062230652)
Harper Voyager
review 1: I'd never read any of the Sandman Slim stories before, and this one popped up in my recommendations. It sounded like the short story could be read as a stand-alone, and indeed the story wasn't difficult to follow without the previous novels as background material. The story was fairly well written, but the portrayal of the protagonist was a bit over the top. A lot of Stark's lines - both the spoken ones and the internal thoughts - sound like they'd be entertaining in a film noir, but didn't translate well for me in written form. It's a decent story, well edited, and I'm glad I finished it, but I don't know that I will pick up more books in the series.
review 2: Sandman Slim 3.5; Devil In The Dollhouse takes place between Aloha From Hell and Devil Said Bang. Sta
... morerk, Sandman Slim, is now taken the place of Lucifer in Hell and reigns as the Devil. A job he does not want. And like most of the misadventures Stark finds himself on, it seems as if the Devil is still pulling the strings. For it seems that the denizens of Hell don't quite accept Stark as their new Lord of the Underworld. He still needs to earn it...."In a conversation like this when someone says 'not yet' it makes my balls ache. You know why? Because that's where the knee is going. Because 'not yet' means I have to do something and it's going to hurt. Am I right?" "Your balls are very wise indeed,"...Even Hell has a boogeyman and it falls to the new Lucifer to search him out and kill him. For on the outskirts of Pandemonium lays a wasteland where Hell began. And in this dark Garden of Eden is a creature that even the demons fear.Stark, Sandman Slim, the new Lucifer needs to hunt out this Dark myth and kill it. So that he may reign in Hell as the Devil he doesn't want to be.This novella by Richard Kadrey is not a strong addition to the Sandman Slim universe. It reads fast and is the tale though brief is well told. The Sandman Slim novels are some of the best paranormal books around. Dark and gritty. You would swear you could smell the sulfur in the air. less
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Had not read any of the other books but I'm going to now I've read this short story!
And I might as well round off my Richard Kadrey marathon with #3.5.
Did not realize it was a short when I started it, but that’s ok.
My first encounter with this series. Highly entertaining.
Really big let down after loving the books so much
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