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Ghost Of A Smile (2011)

by Simon R. Green(Favorite Author)
3.59 of 5 Votes: 5
0441020755 (ISBN13: 9780441020751)
Ghost Finders
review 1: This actually managed to break out of some of the standard Simon R. Green writing and be genuinly scary at times. Often Green's own writing gets in the way of pushing the horror of a setting, but this time it worked very well. Overall I liked it a bit more than Ghost of a Chance and am looking forward to the next book. The long term plot arc is starting to unfold and it seems interesting. Although once again Green has decided to tie his worlds together. For good or ill, I haven't decided.
review 2: I think I've read just about everything published by Simon R. Green and have largely enjoyed all of them."Ghost of a Smile" is the second installment in his Ghost Hunters series. Populated with distinct and interesting characters, well-defined and consistent "world r
... moreules" and ridiculously fun action scenes this latest book in the series is no exception to his unique writing style. The pace is, at times, slower than his other works, possibly as a means to slow the action down in order to introduce elements of horror which typically take a couple of pages to build to a boil. Has to be a completely different approach than his typical action packed sci-fi / urban fantasy tales."Ghost of a Smile" is a very fast read, coming in much lighter than his normal books. I suspect he may have intended the series to be YA of some kind, before (wisely) just writing in his own style.After reading dozens of his novels there a couple of things which simply impress the hell out of me;- his writing style is always consistent- characters are NEVER dull and always flawed in some way- his plots take the most ludicrously EXCELLENT twists- he has created his own mythology which spans a multitude of novels and even genres (like urban fantasy with epic sci-fi space opera) which allow him brief crossovers featuring his own characters. Reading his books always make me feel like I'm hanging out with old friends from college, drinking beer and catching up on things.I keep praying for the day that Simon R. Green decides to create a series based on the now booming "superhero" genre bubble. I do believe that would be an absolute treasure if ever written. less
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A let down after the first book. Completely uninspired and unoriginal.
Love the second book. Simon Green does a great job!
It was weird.
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