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Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide To Extra Credit (2012)

by Tommy Greenwald(Favorite Author)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 5
1596436921 (ISBN13: 9781596436923)
Roaring Brook Press
Charlie Joe Jackson
review 1: Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide for Extra Credit takes place in Charlie Joe's school.He has been having trouble getting all of his work done and he wants to just be free to go to summer vacation.But he is missing assignments and is low on grades and is threatened to be sent to a summer learning camp.So he looks forward to an idea that one of his friends provided, extra credit!Then he looks for short cuts to get extra credit,but he will learn that cheating is not the key.
review 2: Charlie Joe Jackson, a boy who has thousands of character traits to the point that the list could go on forever, is back. This time he is stuck wondering whether to tear up his report card or not. Eventually he chooses to show it to his parents, which was a really bad move. Mr. and Mrs.
... moreJackson furiously schedule an appointment with his old elementary teacher to see what’s wrong and why Charlie Joe is getting bad marks. Charlie Joe, sitting in a room which you can tell from the air was full of boredom, jumped out of his seat when he heard his teacher about going to a summer reading camp. It’s not the the thought of having to read books, which he strongly disliked, made him shocked, it was the thought of having to waste his precious summer that meant so much to him. No more video games, no more sitting around, no more everything that was fun. His summer was ruined. Fortunately, his parents came up to an agreement that if his grades go up in the last quarter, he’s allowed to do whatever he wants in Summer. Charlie Joe is going to work super hard to get his grades up, not forgetting that he also has to do extra credit to get his grades up in the electives. Whatever it takes, even though he has to spend his last quarter all in school, he’s going to try his best to make his dream come true. Honestly, I found this book pretty amazing and fun to read, even though I hate reading. The story of his life is so similar to mine and it’s pretty interesting. What makes this book even better is the fact that it’s in the present, not the past nor the future. So definitely I’ll recommend this book to everyone who hates or likes reading. I’m sure after you read it, you’ll recommend this book to almost everyone as well. This book is not historical fiction nor fantasy. I found this book interesting because they mention present bands in it and cartoon characters. Here is a quote from the book which I hope might get your attention to reading it. “ Wikipedia is amazing. But it’s not always 100 percent accurate. For example, here’s how they define extra credit:” " I'm telling you, after Brian Jones died, the Rolling Stone lost some of their weird creativity that they never got back." and " Um, I'm more of a Beatles guy. But I guess 'Satisfaction.’" less
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Not great, but cute. Short, with some funny moments.
I thought this book was better than the first book.
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